YES Strategies

Our organization strives to meet these challenges by:

  • Early Identification & Recruitment—Supporting the presence of YES clubs, each with professional advisors at middle and high schools across the state.
  • Establishing a statewide, cross-district, post-secondary education YES Board which serves as a communication network and provides program planning oversight.
  • Sponsoring an annual conference, convening all stakeholders, for students and educators to address issues related to creating and sustaining YES chapters, and address current issues in urban teacher recruitment, preparation, and retention.
  • Providing hosted college and university campus visits.
  • Serving as a catalyst for joint efforts by teacher education institutions, professional education organizations, the state Department of Education, and related agencies in support of our mission.
  • Providing scholarship support and leadership development to students seeking teacher preparation at partnering YES institutions of higher education.
  • Rendering our services, as requested, to school districts, communities, professional organizations, and state agencies.